15-16 March, 2020 , Petra, Jordan

The “2nd International Conference for Science and Society: Phytomedicine and Nutraceuticals for Global Health” , will focus on recent advances in all aspects related to medical heritage, ethonpharmacology, medicinal plants and Phytomedicine and Nutraceuticals. The program will include plenary sessions with invited speakers and sessions with submitted papers related to the following:

1- Paleopharmacology and Archaeobotany of the medicinal plants and natural products of ancient Arabia.

2- History of the Use of Traditional Herbal and natural products Medicines.

3- Ethnopharmacology of Medicinal Plants and Natural Products in Global Medical Heritage.

4- Medicinal plants and Natural Sources for Biodiversity Conservation and Creating Sustainable Green Economy.

5- Trade and Economic Importance of medicinal plants and Natural Products.

6- Pharmacological studies on Natural products and Medicinal Plants.

7- Cultivation, Biotechnology, and Production of Medicinal plants.

8- Natural Products and Medicinal Plants for Healthy food.

9- Medicinal plants and Nutraceuticals for Chemoprevention and Treatment of Cancer.

10- Safety and Toxicology of Medicinal Plants and Natural Products Used in Medical Heritage.

11- Ingredients and plant analysis of Biological Active Compounds of Medicinal plants, herbal medicines, and Nutraceuticals.

12- Medicinal Plants and Natural Products in Phytopathology and in Traditional and Modern Agricultural practices.

13- Medicinal Plants and Natural Products for Phytoremediation and Mitigation of Pollution.


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