Thanks to one of the partners of EOHUB project, Ákos Máthé, is related to several European Essential Oils Associations, there is a new important agreement between EOHUB project and the SAEOPA (Southern African Essential Oil Producers Association).

SAEOPA is a non-profit organisation of South Africa, that was established in 2002 with this main objectives (

  • Promote essential oils and natural plant products’ production, processing, and export
    SAEOPA logo
  • Represent and promote the interests of members and the industry
  • Collect, collate and disseminate salient information
  • Be the unified and independent mouthpiece of the industry
  • Facilitate the co-ordination of the industry’s activities
  • Promote research to expand the national and regional industry
  • Facilitate the sustainability of and increase the competitiveness of members, the national and the regional industry
  • Empower members via training, workshops, conferences, trade missions, etc.
  • Perform such functions as may be desirable for the attainment of these objectives.

With this agreement, signed in May, 2020, EOHUB get an important recognition, due to the prestigious of SAEOPA in the market of essential oils, helping to spread our knowledge in this field.

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