In the morning of the day in which the second EOHUB meeting took place, a visit of the ECOTRON at the TERRA Teaching and Research was guided by Dr. Vincent Leemans. The ecotron is a confined environmental chamber where the environmental conditions of an ecosystem are mimicked and controlled.

The visit of such experimental set-ups allowed each member of the EOHUB project to better understand how the analysis of climate change on crops is performed at a small scale.

Through his explanation of all the members involved in the ECOTRON project, Mr. Leemans allowed a visualization of the complexity of ecosystems. In fact, to fully understand the interactions between the various parts of an ecosystem, micro-biologists, pedologists, climatologists and experts in many other disciplines must get together and work hand in hand.

To conclude, this part of the report, it can be said that the ECOTRON visit not only gave the opportunity to each members of the project to reflect on the points discussed so far in the meeting but was also very interesting as it attracted several partners to collaborate in researches taking place at the ECOTRON.



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