The Spanish-Hungarian learning mobility was carried out to implement the mobility of students within the EOHUB course during April 2022.

The mobility was stipulated to be conducted from the different countries to Hungary, the country responsible for running the Summer School. In order to avoid differences between students and to make it possible for Hungarian students to enjoy this mobility as well, it was divided into two sections: the Hungarian students travelled to Spain, where they were hosted by the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the CSIC, while the students from the Spanish, English and Belgian institutions travelled to Hungary, coinciding with the activities of the summer school. The candidates were selected from among those who studied the EOHUB course, by the same professors of the course, and both students and professors expressed the suitability of the mobilities, as well as the successful results of them.

It was a fruitful experience for all the participants, where networking activities were very present. In addition, as part of the activities, a workshop was organized at the UPM, where young researchers shared studies related to the field of essential oils.


  • Day 1: Monday April 25, 2022. Arrival to Madrid.
  • Day 2 – 4: From Tuesday 25 until Thursday 28, 2022 Mobility Activities
  • Day 5: Friday April 29, 2022. Leaving Madrid




Monday – APRIL 25 Arrival to Madrid
Tuesday –


CSIC 10:00 – Reception at main entrance of ICA-CSIC. Bioplaguicides group presentation: Who we are & What we do.

11:00 – Coffee break

11:30 – Visit of installations: growth chambers, chemistry and spectroscopy labs, insect and nematodes essay demonstration and fungi lab.

13:30 – Lunch / End of the day

Azucena González Coloma / Lucía Martín Castillo ICA – CSIC: C. Serrano, 115 b, 28006 Madrid
Wednesday -APRIL 27 School of Forestry – UPM – Online


10:00 – Reception – Hall of the Main building. Review of the Mobility Agenda Carlos Calderón-Guerrero/José Luis García Rodríguez ETSI MONTES – Ciudad Universitaria s/n

Avenida de Las Moreras 5, 28040, Madrid

11:00 – “Young researchers’ conferences”

–       CSIC Phd students

–       Hungarian students

Moderator: Carlos Calderón

“Sala de Grados”


12:00 – Visiting fish farm and zoology department Carlos Calderón

13:00 – Lunch


14:00 – Visiting Arboretum
15:30 – End of the day
Thursday –





Visit to the National Science Museum (CSIC)


Friday – APRIL 29 Departure to Budapest


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