In the framework of the dissemination of staff mobility activities, it was celebrated a webinar “CYCLE OF CONFERENCES EOHUB – EUROPEAN HUB IN THE FIELD OF ESSENTIAL OILS”.

Organized by UPM, as host of the ARMOSA staff mobility, the webinar took place on the 19th of November 2020 through EVENTBRITE platform, and it was free access. UPM, CSIC, KIMITEC and ARMOSA (all of them, EOHUB partners) spoke about their experience in some specific issue related to essential oils, or about the main activities of their companies.

This webinar, introduced by Carlos Calderón (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – UPM), aimed at making people more aware of the potential applications of essential oils (EOs) in agronomy. Azucena Gonzalez Coloma (Spanish National Research Council – CSIC) spoke about the insecticidal and nematicidal potentials of Artemisia absinthium var. Candidate EO. Finally, Elena Letrado, from KIMITEC (Spain), and Antoine Trigaux, from ARMOSA (Belgium), gave us an approximation of the main activities developed by their institutions, focused on the use of natural resources to create biopesticides, insecticides and other products applicated in agronomy.

Summarizing, It was a successful event, with around fifty people interested in the sector of essential oils, and the prove that, despite adverse times, enriching dissemination activities can be developed for both organizers and attendees.

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